Digital currencies are generally available via cryptocurrency exchanges. When we consider and review how exchanges work we can clearly see…
  • They make their revenue through a per transaction fee.
  • This means their motivation is to prefer volatility as there is lots of buying and selling (transaction fees earned) during volatility.
  • It also means they absolutely LOVE crypto-traders as traders can do multiple transactions per day – sometimes in an hour = the very best source of profit for an exchange.
  • When you have a coin that is STABLE (AKA: Not volatile) and when the motivation of the buyer (because of the compounding) is to hold, there aren’t many transactions / profit to the exchange….

we can easily see how an Anchored Coin such as The People’s Reserve, doesn’t quite fit and could even be seen as a threat to their profit model.

We encourage you to go there first when considering buying some TPR.

We believe you will feel and appreciate the difference of an exchange that does NOT prefer traders and volatility…

Please make your own decisions, when buying any coin, including The People’s Reserve. Please measure your own capacity for risk and do your own due-diligence before making any purchase.
Nothing expressed on this website should be taken as any form of financial advice. The knowledge given is for your own independent education and decision-making only. Cryptocurrency, including The People’s Reserve, is considered high risk and returns are not guaranteed. Once again, please do your own due diligence before purchasing.