While most of the crypto-curious community is familiar only with Bitcoin and its explosive upward rally in value, the diverse altcoin scene has been making big wins in the shadows. From Dogecoin’s 29,900% gain over a year to Cardano’s resilience against the recent crypto sell-off, altcoins have displayed massive potential throughout the bullish market. With thousands of altcoins on the market, they have been categorized into multiple derivatives that house unique features for every investor.

The People’s Reserver (TPR) coin was recently released to challenge the volatile cryptocurrency market while innovating the definition of a stable coin. Rather than falling under a mainstream category, TPR is an anchored coin tethered to the last highest price of gold—a feat possible through innovative technology and genius engineering. Here’s why this anchored coin will be the next big cryptocurrency sensation and why you might be interested in investing in it.

Reasons to Invest in The People’s Reserve (TPR) 

Each cryptocurrency has unique features that elevate its value in people’s minds. For instance, Bitcoin’s simple peer-to-peer transaction system was enough to revolutionize the idea of decentralized finance, prompting others to follow its lead. Ethereum’s smart contract-based platform, which offers robust decentralized application programming functions for developers, has been crucial in building use cases for the digital economy.

And as for TPR, read on to learn more about the cutting-edge technology supporting its simple value proposition.

Introduction to TPR

The Peoples Reserve is an up-and-coming anchored coin, a new altcoin that merges the best of stable coins and traditional altcoins. TPR is traded at the last highest price of gold, which means that its value will theoretically never decrease. It’s immune to price volatility and does not lose value over time, remaining stable in the face of market fluctuations. As a result, unlike other coins, such as BTC coin and Ethereum currency, TPR is immune to the sudden ups and downs that have become common in the cryptocurrency market.

Despite being an anchored coin, TPR operates partly as a stable coin, a type of cryptocurrency tied to an external source of money. Due to this feature, the coin is self-actualizing against a USD fiat reserve, which means that every TPR sold on an exchange will automatically result in an equivalent deduction in USD from the reserve pool. Moreover, the blockchain’s unique non-collateralized algorithm—a common feature among stable coins—studies the market and automatically increases or decreases the regular token release based on market behaviour.

These features make up only the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to The People’s Reserve than meets the eye, giving it a competitive edge in exchanges saturated with altcoins.

Its Price is Linked to The Last Highest Price of Gold

As an anchored coin, TPR latches onto an existing tangible asset and adopts the highest point of its value, hence why the coin is equivalent to the last highest price of gold, making it virtually crash-proof. It can be daunting for investors to commit to a coin with no stable value. BTC boasted an out-of-this-world rally to as high as $64,000 up until a few days ago when Elon Musk retracted Tesla’s Bitcoin payment option out of environmental concern. Within two days, the coin plummeted from $56,000 to $48,000.

In contrast, anchored coins will never experience the same volatility as traditional cryptocurrencies. Scarcity is a huge driver for why gold is such a valuable asset. With a limited supply of gold in the world, its availability dwindles day by day as mining monopolies continue the aggressive search for the coveted metal. The value of gold is a kind of a numéraire for all other prices, and because TPR is linked to it, its value remains stable and consistently increasing.

Risk-Free For Beginner Investors

Starting your crypto journey can be a daunting task, and there are various factors you should consider before investing in crypto. However, investing in TPR is fool-proof, making it the perfect setup for beginners who are unsure of where to start. The coin is risk-free due to being pegged to the last highest price of gold—a value that never decreases. A dedicated wallet ensures maximum security and makes portfolio management significantly easier. Everyone needs a safety net to muster enough confidence to make larger moves in the overarching market, so you don’t fall too far back despite being a beginner. TPR is arguably the perfect coin for that.

The Term “Stable Coin” Goes Both Ways

The reason people invest in stable coins is to avoid market volatility, but they don’t offer much in terms of utility and investment value. Most investors treat them as conversion coins to stay within the crypto ecosystem while taking a breather from the unstable market. In contrast, as an anchored coin tethered to a highly valuable asset, TPR is almost guaranteed to rise in value every year. In the past five years, gold’s highest point jumped from $1,300 to $2,000. The same trend will guarantee TPR holders approximately 53% in gains, which is expected to grow as gold becomes rarer.

While these numbers aren’t as vibrant as traditional cryptocurrency’s 1,000%-and-up rallies, the slow and steady gains over time are great for long-term, casual HODLers who can’t keep up with the lunatic market. You can certainly expect your returns to be higher than your initial investment with this asset.

Speed And Price of Transactions

Unlike Proof-of-Work blockchains, TPR’s non-collateralized algorithm allows the network to breathe, even when there’s an influx of transactions. Each transaction takes as little as 2 seconds to process—almost instantaneous and with virtually no fees! Moreover, blockchain offers up to 25 free transactions per day, giving investors more than enough wiggle room to take advantage of fee-less sending and receiving functions.

It Could Be The Future

TPR is a player that genuinely has the potential to remain relevant in years to come. By not being mesmerized by the high profitability of becoming a meme coin, which has a small chance of becoming a one-shot wonder with massive gains, TPR crypto remains true to its roots and its mission to become a cryptocurrency for the people.

Its primary value proposition is its ability to be used in transactions, backed by a growing network of small business owners who have been using the coin as an alternative to fiat currency. Along with its connection with gold’s best value, every aspect of TPR was intended to survive the seasonal changes of the cryptocurrency market—whether today or in ten years.

New Coins Every Year

The People’s Reserve Wallet will generate new coins at the rate of 12% per annum, which is perfect for long-term investors. The 12% value is achieved through compounding, the same system that banks use to generate profit. However, this time, TPR reverses the scales by using the bank’s methods to generate you, the investor, wealth! It’s a fool-proof method that guarantees 12% additional coins into your wallet every year with no staking or complicated software involved.

Final Thoughts

TPR’s revolutionary algorithm aims to bring wealth back to the people, fostering a completely decentralized ecosystem across all pillars of its operations. It’s the first altcoin to tether to the last highest price of gold. And it’s also the first blockchain to put together the best innovations for a cause that benefits individuals, small businesses, and investors.

However, remember that all investments come with risks, and TPR is no exception. Stablecoins and, by extension, anchored coins are a great first investment choice, and TPR will provide you with a fantastic way to invest safely and dip your toe into the practice of cryptocurrency buying and selling. It’s a great investment opportunity for seasoned experts or beginners because of the safety net it provides.


Ronnie A. Rahman

Written by Ronnie A. Rahman
on 14 May 2021

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